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  2. Posted by on November 08, 2012 at 3:11 pm Was I under some kind of a giant rock? This is the first time I heard that you have breast cancer. You are now on my prayer chain! Life does take us off our routine when something happens to us.It is “time-out” for you and to take care of your “self” so you can come back stronger than ever!Hugs,DonnaDonna.Merrill recently posted..

  3. I wish words on a computer screen could do justice to how much that last sentence meant. Seriously, that means the absolute world “The further I move forward the less I understand the person I used to be, and therefore the decisions I used to make. ” This is so well put – and I totally relate. I guess it’s what they call “growing up”

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  7. Hi Deb and fellow bloggers..Concerning Envizable..I’m not sure what to think, my mind/thoughts are all focused for Monday. I’m sure he meant no harm in his comments. Schadenfreude : I’m to co-dependant to laugh at others misfortune..Sometimes I think I care to much. Passing through people’s blogs and hearing their life issues can be overwhelming at times. Then comes one that just overpowers you. You can’t help but to reach out as I did with Gayla’s Blog. Then the outpouring of support followed…Pure Yellow.Deb..This topic is another winner. 🙂

  8. If you really are looking for an honest answer to this question, I would say : " Not very often… or .., usually not…. or not that I have seen so far… "etcI would not put the question in these terms because to me the question is not about 'beauty"but about how we handle age, how stylish we are, how we show experience , wisdom, how we show that we have lived an how much living we have done… etc etchave fun in Switzerlandanni

  9. I think we're all living in pallet land b/c I've been drooling over these furniture pieces myself lately!! But for Adam to bring it up is a MIRACLE!! Gotta hurry up and move forward with it all before he changes his mind!! My fave is the couch out of pallets!!! Help him now, and when you get married, you can reap the benefits!! WAHOOOOO!!!

  10. Der er vist desværre efterhÃ¥nden ingen grænser for hvad VKO prøver/fÃ¥r gennemført. Disse forslag strider imod alt hvad jeg forstÃ¥r ved et frit demokratisk samfund.Det er ikke alene oprørende, det er direkte skræmmende – det er ved at være farligt dette her.Vi trænger til en ny regering – hvor DF ikke fÃ¥r den indflydelse de har i dag.( V og K kan nu ogsÃ¥ godt selv).

  11. This is an example of the incompetence of the American Right. They think that the government can be exempt from labor markets. In order to get well qualified employees, the government has to pay competitive salaries! And for the record, Elizabeth Warren is currently employed by a private law school, not a government agency. At least if you are going to fan the flames of resentment, get your facts right.

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  13. Living in the States, Florida to be exact, I have no real knowledge on which populations in Europe will fight for their nation and culture. It’s sad to think it will come to that, that there isn’t an electoral alternative. Sometimes I feel Europe is already lost, but then I read people like Fjordman and other Europeans bravely telling it like it is and I have some hope. Regardless I’ve always been convinced we in the US have to stand with Europe, because if we don’t we’re next. Even without hope, we must stand against the darkness.

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  19. Hi Raffy, I think all franchises are being operated and owned by the same group. So I don’t know how to answer that question. Yes it is a franchise from the one’s in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but I don’t know if other people can come in and open one since may group na that handles that here.Hope I answered your question! =)

  20. Habe vor einiger Zeit mal Steve Jobs. Think different – die Welt anders denken gelesen. “Steve Jobs: Die autorisierte Biografie des Apple-Gründers” von Walter Isaacson habe ich mir auch schon länger vorgenommen, aber noch keine Zeit dafür gehabt.

  21. holy toledo! <3 these are GREAT! 🙂 we totally need to do a whole shoot of just „stretch the arm out and shoot self portraits.“ no, no, we shouldn’t. i’m really excited to be in calfornia again. i hope you’re not worn out from all the visiting/visitors by the time i get there! just let me know darlin. california will always be barely south of oregon and a car ride away.

  22. The coat is gorgeous and what lay beneath is also very gorgeous!! So much fun digging in your wardrobe and finding something you have forgotten!! We didn't have much of a summer so hopefully you will have better luck with getting one in your neck of the woods. Winter is nipping at our ankles today. Time to layer up one thinks!!

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  24. RMINNC…………….. It would seem to me that if the Beri Shebezz person was involved in a major auto accident and was transported to a Hawaii ER then ther would be records detailing the actions taken by the ER physician. ie suturing severe head wound etc. Some of the hospitals photograph the injuries for the purpose of protecting themselves at a later date against unfounded injuries by hospital workers. If the headwound on Soetoro matches that which Shabazz might have received …..voila NOW WE KNOW.

  25. wary of those who think themselves wiseThis is probably the most important key to remaining sane. The ones to watch out for are those who think themselves all-knowing and mysteriously superior to all who have preceded them. I just reviewed a video of a McCain ad from 2008 showing Obama being asked in an interview, "Do you ever have doubts?" and answering with a big smile, "Never!"

  26. Great post Craig.Discovered that when leaders begin to replace the word “the” with the letter “a” when describing themselves to others, the greatness of our God can be embraced more.Example:THE voice of a new generation……with A voice of a new generation.Or THE leader in church development……with A leader in church development.I can not agree with you more that we are often guilty of OVERSELLING ourselves and UNDERSELLING the God who gave us our talents in the first place.Again, great post Craig!!

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  28. wow what that gold dress is stunning and the history surrounding it is amazing and so romantic brought a tear to my eye. I like the idea of saving it for one of your girls. Or you could ask Vix when she returns. Or you could approach a musuem maybe in London or Paris and see if they will be intrested in it i don't think it will matter to them if there are a few beads missing its the history. dee xx

  29. i want to compose a poem but need lasha’s help, we’ll credit lucy skipping in the poems section.it kinda goes like this, first the bit about karma;Liber scriptus proferetur,In quo totum continetur,Unde mundus iudicetur.Iudex ergo cum sedebit,Quidquid latet, apparebit:Nil inultum remanebit.… um, stuck …ah, what the hell, here comes the jewish part, my favoriteConfutatis maledictis,Flammis acribus addictis:sorry, can’t tell you exactly what it is, english not first language.

  30. Bonjour Céline,Contente de vous avoir donné le sourire ! J’ai eu cette idée il y a un petit moment déjà, car c’est quelque chose à laquelle j’ai toujours fait attention (pas le même parfum avec les mêmes chaussures) et puis le billet est venu de lui-même. Je suis d’accord, cela donne d’autres idées… Dans un prochain billet sûrement!

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  32. Thanks, Suze. I really appreciate it. I did sit Rooney down and ask her if she wanted breast milk or formula, and she just stared back at her momma like she didn’t care either way Haha. It was silly but it honestly made it easier for me to quit once I felt like I had her approval.

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  35. Thank you for responding to my question.To me, one of the most significant points you make is–“I want to be a part of a church that forces me to know people – where you canÂ’t help but be noticed.”The heart of our faith is to know and be known — in our relationship with God and with others. The “right size” for a church is where that happens.

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  40. Despite our meetings and discussions, I am having trouble with Tyoma’s teacher. I am going to use this as a roadmap to Tyoma’s teacher. I had read this at the beginning of the school year when things were going well. Now with fall and winter flus swishing around, I have to remind and re-educate.You have given me the perfect road map. I am so grateful to have the help. I would feel so lost tonight without your post!Cheers!Lori

  41. I may preach tomorrow’s Mass using the cónditor/condítor story you gave. Don’t ask me where I’m going with the homily yet… I don’t always know myself!

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  43. anon 5:17,Apa pula komen anda tentang:1) pendedahan dan sekali gus 'pengesahan' oleh Wikileaks tentang keterlibatan Najib dalam pembunuhan altantuya?2) pendedahan bahawa Malaysia diterajui oleh mereka yang tidak bertauliah, berkelayakan dan merosakkan masa depan negara?

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  45. Am just back from London and the Pure Passion awards – I wasn’t successful myself but the gorgeous Penny Jordan picked up a well deserved special achievement award and looked amazing. Huge congrats to all the winners and Louise Allen who won the Love Story of the Year…! xx Abby

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  55. You mentioned Rylee, I was wondering the other day what I would do or how much it would hurt if one day, like happens to some, she would think of me as someone she wanted to avoid. You know like kids do, Dad I don’t want to go to Papa’s he smells funny (or fill in the blank _____). I was thinking how heart broken I would be. – You have given me more to meditate on in context of God’s love for me and my response to him.Â

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  59. Hej søde Caroline Tillykke med dine flotte karakterer!! – Det er godt nok trist, at der er nogle, som gør sÃ¥dan nogle ting! Jeg hÃ¥ber virkelig hun stopper, for jeg kan lige fornemme, hvordan det ville være, hvis det var mig selv! Det er godt nok ogsÃ¥ trist, at hun opretter en blog, men kopier dine indlæg!! Men du skal virkelig have ros for din blog! Den er rigtig fin og skøn at læse. /Knus Julie.

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  70. ron-actually, that equation suggests the opposite.VM = PT reflects a highly changeable relationship between P and M for any given value of T.V changes, so the relationship changes as well. i think his issue (with which i agree) is that since V is a derived variable and not one you can really predict, that the whole thing was just sort of a fudge factor and lacked predictive value.

  71. Having been shot down in flames by Gazza last time, I’m not sure I should be putting my neck on the block again, but here goes. Bufo, you say in 17dn that ‘mine’ in the solution can be used for ‘egg’ – ‘egg’ being an explosive device. I think I’ve seen egg used as slang for a grenade, but never for a mine. Having checked with Chambers there’s no reference to egg being slang for either. While posting this, can I also ask (nothing to do with this puzzle) what is a Nina? Can’t find that in Chambers either.

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