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  1. J’avais un peu honte de me sentir vaguement raciste vis à vis des Corses.Je respecte les limitations de vitesse, en ville comme sur la route.Je me trouve donc conforté dans mes préjugés : je ne mettrai jamais les pieds sur cette île. Et je le regrette, car on la dit très belle.Tant pis.

  2. so pleased to read that your 2008 calendar has gone to the printer. i can’t wait to see it!i also think that blogging can feel lonely – as though you are setting your thoughts out on a breeze and not seeing anything come back.i just wanted to let you know how much i look forward to reading and seeing what you’ve been up to.your posts always brighten my day.

  3. I am not going to give up yet on the idea of a park in Lagos. Having recently driven around VGC I was pleased to see a small park having been protected and people enjoying it as I would see in London – a glimmer of hope ??

  4. carol c comentou em 7 de julho de 2012 às 18:48. as it girls vendem um esteriotipo para todas as mulheres. as normal girls, porém, não se interessam pela compra desse estilo de vida.para as demais aspirantes a it, só resta a uniformidade e a perda de identidade em troca de uma it bag.por isso hoje em dia leio pouquissimos blogs brasileiros. poucos possuem um conteudo e sao distintos, mas o petisco está na listinha. a diferença entre a moda nacional e a gringa é que os gringos querem ao maximo serem distintos enquanto os nacionais vestem um uniforme de grife ou marcas que copiem grifes.

  5. Fascinating topic, Lisa! I’ve only recently realized that I do, in fact, have a fairly strict routine. It shifts over time, but mostly I wake up and start writing and keep writing off and on throughout my day, taking breaks at nearly the same time every day. I think my practice of morning pages kicked off this routine for me. But I’ve noticed recently that I’ve backed off this practice, primarily because I don’t necessarily need it anymore to get started on my writing.Thanks for sharing!

  6. Eu creo que o desxeo pode afectar e moito a Galiza, xa que temos moitas cidades e pobos na costa que se verían afectados polo aumento do nivel do mar , xa que estes pobos estan moi preto do mar e afectaríalle moito.No protocolo de Kioto consiste en reducir as emisións de gases que provocan o efecto invernadoiro. Estas reducións son diferentes dependendo dos países por exemplo, España esta moi por encima do seu porcentaxe e si non se cumplen estas porcentaxes a UE sancionará a estes paises que non cumplen este porcentaxe.

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  8. Kate: Of course, I don’t mean to add pressure on you. We all have our own measures to live up to– the last thing I want to do is add the pressure of mine. I will think of it as WWEIKD as well, except my K stands for Kevin. (I suppose that goes for Keith as well). Keith: I suppose that is why I give NPR such esteem (why a lot of us do, I guess)– is that there seems to be a lot more gems concentrated amongst its airwaves. I am inspired by it often but happy to seek inspiration in the sounds of the road, in a book, in my art, and in a blog posting.

  9. Oh, poor Miss G, that makes me so sad „there’s no magic anymore“.. :-(I remember when the magic left for me and she is so young to have it happen already. That teacher is an oaf! How insensitive and thoughtless of her. I can’t imagine you are the only seething parent?!?

  10. Yo creo que la carne de mamut debio ser baja en grasas y colesterol. Ademas imaginate que lechugototas debio haber en la prehistoria! Sin contar con que el pan era, necesariamente, integral, multigrano y sin conservadores, ni colorantes artificiales. Y seguramente en vez de cocacola tomaban agua mineral con limocito =9

  11. Well, I have to agree with you. Yukiteru looked way too skinny and Yuno scared me just with her appearance. And I have to agree about Milene, too. In the Manga, she looked kinda unique unlike in the anime.Nonetheless I will still watch the anime since I’m a fan. Finished Paradox and Mosaic just now. Pretty awesome.Keep the reviews coming (if you have fun writing them)!

  12. PLEASE STEPHANIE KEEP GOING NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS KEEP going dont let that low life get in your whoever it was dont let him or her side track you 1 person shouldnt get in your way keep going please do it for your fans keep writing you have a great talent in writing we your fans have faith in you and know your strong and we will be here hannah i just realized i wrot this to u by accident thinking i was wrighting to write it to stephanie for me please she needs to here this from her fans

  13. What possibly reason could the Pope have for postponing work on the syllabus of VII errors? He’s the most outstanding pope theologian for ages, and his CDF Prefect is also intellectually astonishing…men chosen for their intellectual acumen by the Holy Spirit?Why do they refuse to get serious about this year of faith by starting work on the syllabus?

  14. 2009 heeft de NVP juit deze nieuwe code gïintroduceerd omdat zij zagen dat er steeds meer screening via internet plaatsvond. Juist dat was de aanleiding een nieuw code te introduren…Wellicht zou een NVP vertegenwoordiger eea moeten uitleggen (want met nadruk: dat ben ik dus niet).

  15. Hey Walter, could you e-mail me your advice on training pigs to electro-net. The girls seem fine now, but one of them panicked this am,and got herself caught up in it. She’s fine, but they’re both scared to death to venture out into the electro-netted area at all! They’re old and set in their ways, but they’ll eventually figure it out, yeah? 🙂 -Shannon,

  16. so),and because alternative energies have come a long way technically. The only way to get this done is to be more proactive in alternate energies, so that they can replace at least some of the nuclear. The ON Green Party would aim to get excess hydro from Quebec, ramp up alternatives, and save by mothballing some nuclear. (This plan would save over one billion dollars)The info. can be found on the Mike Schreiner link that I left. I would like a clarification, however. Am I correct that it is up to the landowner if he/she wants a turbine on his/her property?

  17. Mr RuddyI think that I mentioned before that I have no interest in London parties. The clue may be in the name “London Parties”They are only interested in London, and that is no interest to me, apart from watching all the ways they can waste money.I have even less interest in London torys, than I have in London Labour, but I am certain of one thing, the only way that Scotland can be rid of the torys once and for all is by self government. Under the present arrangements, and the arithmetic, if England wants and votes for a tory government, Scotland will get a tory government.

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  24. Nadia wrote.. Le tue parole sono così belle che sono praticamente commossa.Perchè la moda è molto più che sfogliare distrattamente una rivista, ma non sempre è facile farlo capire. Grazie,sei una vera ispirazione per giovani appassionate di moda come me.Nadia

  25. No es para nada tonto lo que estás diciendo… No conozco todas las oficinas regionales de Senadis, solo se que algunas oficinas fueron cambiadas de lugar porque eran inaccesibles. En la IV. región estaban solucionando el tema ya que compartían una casa antigua con otra oficina. Es un punto importante y demuestra concecuencia. Lo mismo en muchas oficinas del estado, algunas arrendadas, donde hemos sugerido apurarse en terminar contratos de arriendo si los lugares son inaccesibles. Los plazos vencerán algún día…

  26. Meanwhile, Smart has been given a two year contract and D’Antoni is rumored to be on the ropes in NY. (Both just reported at Yahoo, Spears and AW)I’m guessing D’Antoni isn’t getting his kind of players or is being allowed to run the team the way he wants.Who is running the show?

  27. Amen, Osho. Ready or not, snow will come.Dust of Snow by Robert FrostThe way a crowShook down on meThe dust of snowFrom a hemlock treeHas given my heartA change of moodAnd saved some partOf a day I had rued. And thank you, Robert Frost! You, too, Julie.

  28. Have seen and heard about such an insect for the first time. I really like knowing about various types of insects and animals. The life cycle of the insect shared in here seems to be very interesting. Will look forward to more such interesting posts.

  29. Sequestration is a joke ! 84 billion? The government (fed) is printing 84 Billion a month! Wake up people! How about 884 Billion the first year? That would be more like it! More lies and BS from Washington to protect their Chronies and special interests at your expense! Wake Up! Nap time is Over!

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  33. gay little boys spend a whole lot of time with females. They do. They don't. The stereotypical gay man is one who attended an all boys school on his youth. England is teeming with such people.For instance, Freddie Mercury, aka Farrokh Bulsara, was sent to all all boys boarding school at the age of eight. Excessive female company was not his problem.Which makes sense, after all. Gay men are not noted for their fondness for womens company. (I'm talking in the real world here, as opposed to on TV)

  34. Cuantos y en cuantas ocasiones nos vemos vemos como “si me ves”; pero además de seguir atentamente su lectura, me he percatado que en los iconos de la derecha, y no he resistido la tentación, se insinuaba abiertamente la Gran Jota de la Dolores; y me pregunto si para un hispano hay algo con tanto atractivo como el deleite de un pasodoble inspirado y la vibrante coreografía de una jota aragonesa.

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  45. WOWOWOW… what a great post!! AND plenty of pictures. Im not a ‘birder’ as you are but having read your post everytime I see a bird, other then a crow or pidgeon, I take note!!Here I am from Arizona originally and I have never been to Tombstone [or the Grand Canyon Im embarrased to say].Glad you enjoyed your trip to McCain Country!!!

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  50. It's just this sort of Christ-hating Objectivist claptrap that led to the exodus of Christian libertarians from the Libertarianz Party and its ensuing disintegration. (Don't believe me? – the Libz website hasn't been updated in over 6 months.)As for Brian Tamaki: "Ye cannot serve God and mammon."

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  55. Sherlock not knowing how the solar system is set up is really difficult for me to accept, actually. He really doesn't know such a fundamental science fact? Really? At the very least, I feel like he wouldn't dare to be caught out about not knowing basic things, and would learn stuff even if he doesn't find important, just so he can't be called ignorant. It's canon; it's on Watson's list of things he's learning Holmes does/doesn't know that intrigue him. As for the blinking — that's just utter ridiculousness. He has a GIANT VEST OF SEMTEX STRAPPED TO HIM. I don't think he needs to alert Sherlock that he is in trouble.

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