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    1. No meu galaxy y ele não pega,nao sei se e so nos galaxys y .por que o galaxy y tem um processador rapido e o galaxy 5 o processador e mo paia e pega no galaxy 5 e por que nao pega no galaxy y ?Por favor mim respondam por email

    2. o’s’Briht’uhn,I agree on the fact Vuhlkansu need a real language too. Maybe IthInganHol was an experiment by Mike to see if it could be done. And possibly how popular it would be with fans. Vulcan, I feel, will have its day with advent of the internet for rapid information decemination,and fans’ passion for learning it.

    3. MM’s „red“ and „blue“ governmen correspond to a marked geographical segregation of federal government and contractor employees. „Red government“ lives south of the Potomac: the Virginia suburbs of D.C., home to the Pentagon and defense contractors. „Blue government“ lives north of the Potomac: the Maryland suburbs and D.C. itself. This segretation of government and contractor offices is far greater than segregation of „red“ and „blue“ voters into different states (but is still not perfect — the NSA and some military bases are in Maryland, and lobbyists of all stripes have offices in D.C. itself).

    4. Had Cherry Jones not herself off the ballot, she would have been a WINNER in the supporting actress category. That remaining nominees in that category are weak as hell.Mare Winningham would have been a great addition to Guest Actress but I don’t think her name was submitted at all by either Fox or herself. Necar Zadegan was on the ballot but alas, she was overlooked and bumped by another baity/lazy Law & Order: SVU nom.

    5. Jeg drikker kaffe i farten, Statoilkaffe i bilen, fra svartkjel på fjellet. Men aller best er den kaffen som kan nytes hjemme tidlig en sommermorgen ute på platten, sitte å se at sola står opp. Da er Nespresso-kaffen på sitt beste. Husk at kaffe er ferskvare.

    6. I don’t know much of him, but I love “Autobiography.” The lines, “My mother wore a yellow dress/Gentle, gently, gentleness” – I think that’s perfect. So simple but it somehow paints a whole picture of her.

    7. It doesn't matter a jot the dress is not vintage, it looks fabulous. I am a big fan of flowery maxis, and that was a proper bargain.I'm not a huge Alice fan, the original illustrations put me off as a child. I was always of a nervous disposition, so I won't be watching the latest version either – what did they do to Johnny Depp?!Annie xxx

    8. it should be, something to fall back on, especially when Nash is not on the court. Defensive rotations were suspect and needs work but nothing that can’t be fixed over the long haul. No reason for more than two of our star quartet to sit at any one time. Hill and Jamison should be eating into more of Pau’s minutes at PF.

    9. Thanks very much to Dave and Tonya at Ground Zero for the hookup. I thought it was a very good movie, although I’m going to have to let it sink in before I could rank it. Kudos on a rare trilogy where all three films were very good efforts.Distracting: Bane having the voice of Sean Connery, or at least a comedian’s Sean Connery impersonation.

    10.   Pauline BlakeDecember 29, 2010You may have baked in Australia but Santa needed his outfit by the time he got here, it was freezing hard when we had our candlelit carol service at 7.45 on Christmas Eve and was minus 13 when we went to church at 8.30am on Christmas Morning, glad you had a good Christmas, Best Wishes for the New Year and look forward to reading Purple Roads hopefully in 2011 – Pauline

    11. Oh, no, of course not, Ditty, your left-brain-dancing-scientist insight is quite perceptive. Throughout my stint on Project Runway, in all of it’s incarnations, I’ve always tried to show up to the judges with interesting design solutions. A lot of the time, what’s interesting about those solutions was not always visible, and requires explanation. These days, I’m trying to focus on work that can be summed up more succinctly.

    12. Ben Ari’s aide, Itamar Ben Gvir.“I pity those who clapped during [U.S. Vice President] Joe Biden’s speech,” said Ben Gvir, referring to Biden’s address to the Israeli people at Tel Aviv University last week.“By the end of Ben Arie’s term we will teach those Leftists what democracy is,” he added. “Obama is anti-Semitic, pro-Arab, an agent of the PLO and we stand behind what the poster says.”

    13. 搞革命?中共搞革命起字頭,都幾難夠佢玩。現在有百萬威武文明之師,加個毛澤東思想方陣,真係陣壓同胞天下無敵。不如叫英國再打一次中國,你做漢奸策反,就同佢地講上次送個香港,份禮太寒酸,今次送晒成個中國俾佢,國書都寫埋(As a so-called great power of the world , the gift given to you last time was too cold-sour, this time , to celebrate your kind occupation of HK XXXTH anniversary , we'll make the whole china as a gift to you )。到時你一身都係荷蘭水蓋,成個民國軍閥般,型爆,仲可以要求Her Majesty, may I have 井岡山 as my fief

    14. Und wie wäre es mit der Theorie, dass Apple es nicht (rechtzeitig) geschafft hat die Technik in ein Gehäuse zu pressen das dünner ist als z.B. das Galaxy SII? Und statt auf das sonst ständig wichtigste Verkaufsargument “dünner” verzichten zu müssen, bringen sie lieber gleich ganz das alte und umgehen so den Vergleich.

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    17. Ten minutes ago is sometimes very vague. Seventy years ago is vivid as now.To stop drinking was an impossible task, but it happened. Then, to stay stopped was the problem. That happened. Today, looking into that rear vision mirror, I see that overcoming concupiscence was/is a far more difficult of the whole deal–to lead a sober life of usefulness.

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    20. a.sciolti scrive:La problematica è proprio questa. Non è possibile vendere biglietti del settore Ospiti, ma degli altri settori si. Ma, magicamente, il terminale per stamparli era rotto. Solo per i leccesi, però, perchè i trevigiani vi entravano tranquillamente. Per non parlare poi delle bufale inventate dalla vostra stampa locale, su presunti scontri (mai esistiti) causati da tifosi leccesi che volevano entrare senza TDT.Come ho già scritto nell’articolo: VERGOGNA.A.Sciolti

    21. Questo fine settimana spero di riuscire a leggere il romanzo di George Higgins dal quale è tratto il film, così da potermi godere il film appieno dopo (sembra contorta, lo so, ma nella mia testa funziona così da sempre).Fra l'altro, se non l'hai letto, l'altro libro di Higgins attualmente disponibile in Italia – Gli amici di Eddie Coyle – è semplicemente straordinario.

    22. Could you be more specific about the silken tofu? How many ounces is the block called for in the recipe? Is it soft, firm, extra-firm? Does it matter if it’s the refrigerated variety or the aseptic variety (such as Mori-Nu)? THANKS–I want to make this right away.Also, where can I find vegan chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels?! What brand did you use?

    23. Okay I get it now. You used to be able to tap once and the “direct to” function was then available as an option. Now you have to create the user waypoint first, then select it again in order to access the “direct to” option. If you don’t re-select it you only have access to the “direct to cursor” function, which is what I was selecting.

    24. Posted by on November 23, 2011 at 10:04 pm Thanks Deana-Lynn Glad you caught on to the analogy of Ghandi and Parks!Power takes practice each day. It is a mindset that has to be constant in your daily thinking.-DonnaDonna Merrill recently posted..

    25. I love you just the way you are…. it's a song, but so fitting here. Love your super mega talent just the way it is and the cute stories about your neices and nephews. Keep it coming!this layout is so fabulous, love the paper and the great design. The pics are so cute.

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    27. Why does there ALWAYS have to be a female version of these creepypasta monsters? Sorry, but it takes away from the monster being unique. Jill the Killer, Slenderwoman- what’s next- “The Hoe?” (Female Rake.)I know what it is. The writers of these pastas with female monster counterparts don’t have the brain capacity to invent their own monster, so they simply choose to take an existing one, and just change it’s gender. Wow.VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 3 votes)

    28. Never in a million years did I think I would like caning. However, in one of our earliest session, I was blindfolded, and Master began spanking me, and since I couldn’t see, I didn’t know what it was, all I know is that it felt incredible! Then he showed me what it was…a very thin dowel rod cane. I was stunned! Since then, he has used several different thicknesses, but I love them all!

    29. “Dirk, are you familiar with the climate history of the Earth? Even hundreds of millions of years ago when the sun was substantially cooler, the Earth’s climate was often hotter than today.”And the Earth’s atmosphere was much denser than today, and contained nearly no oxygen. The comparison doesn’t hold on multiple levels. Without oxygen, there can have been no water cycle as we know it today. There were no photosynthesizing organisms.

    30. I just found your blog a few days ago but I am really enjoying it. You are a very talented writer and capture some really beautiful moments and ideas. Have I overlooked an archive feature on your blog? I thought perhaps there isn't one on purpose since the launch of your new blog but thought I would check anyway. I would like to continue reading old entries.

    31. Leila comentou em 29 de janeiro de 2010 às 15:28. Julia gosto muito de vc , mas vc diz que não usa o algodão pra tirar a maquiagem pra não formar lixo ,mas e a quantidade de agua e poduto de limpeza pra remover essa maquiagem toda dessa toalhinha aí ??? Também não é um desperdicio?? É uma toalhinha po r vez né?? Bjsss

    32. Oh yeah, Cool Stuff Inc is good for cards. Like the 4 for 1 pricing on commons.However, on pure price alone, individual sellers on Cardshark,com beat the living shit out of CoolStuff’s prices.I know they don’t offer “$30 gift certificates” and stuff and aren’t mentioned in the “cool/bribed” kids’ blogs. But, yeah. Cardshark>CoolStuff.Just sayin’

    33. “Zumal die beeindruckende handwerkliche Leistung bei dem Film auch so ziemlich alles ist, was er auf der Haben-Seite für sich verbuchen kann…”Es ist hoffnungslos mit dir.@Filmi: “David Hess (Krug Stillo aus dem originalen “Last House on the Left”) ist laut den Machern von “Eurocrime!” letzte Nacht im Alter von 69 Jahren verstorben…”R.I.P.Und jetzt alle: 2011 ist ein….

    34. Just stumbled across your video here while looking at Batman graphic novel reviews. I picked this up new back in the early 90s, and still have it mint-in-package. The car is still in the plastic and the decals are still on the little sheet–any idea what this may be selling for in that condition?

    35. I weight train in the gym 4 times a week and do 1 set of abs exercise between every set of other exercises..?I weight train in the gym 4 times a week and do 1 set of abs exercise between every set of other exercises. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to this setup? Am I overtraining abs?

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    39. I was hoping this would get posted. I had heard wind of this, but couldn’t find anything when I searched so I didn’t send the topic. Apparently with his brief suspension, there was also a media blackout on the subject…. or perhaps I searched wrong, I wasn’t sure who it was that was referred to in the news program I initially heard it from. I stand consistant, he is NOT a news source, and as such shouldn’t be given the credibility of one. Its people like Obermann who create confusion with inaccurate news, and make the entire picture distorted so people cannot make intelligent decisions regarding politics.

    40. En general me parece muy razonable , soy un joven menor que tu 26 pero por mucho tiempo vivi solo en un lugar alejado de las ciudades aislado del mundo urbano …en fin me encanto ..actualmente tengo pareja y todo bien ..pero como dijo alguien por estos lados es donde mejor conoci mis defectos y virtudes ..suerte

    41. Shit… jag är helt förstummad av din blogg. Du skriver sÃ¥ jävla bra och intelligent. Att du sen är jämnÃ¥rig med en av eleverna jag varit elevassistent Ã¥t och dessutom är yngre än min syrra gör mig fan chockad. Fast, nej… skit i din Ã¥lder. Du skriver asbra oavsett Ã¥lder. Den har inget med saken att göra. Keep up the good work.

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    83. reading with the kids for the week. We’re working our way through a couple of lists, which you can read about here. When we finish books, I’ll let you know what we thought of

    84. i love these rooms! the red & beige combo is so chic with the lovely wallpaper creating a focus point. the red & white is so clean, modern & bold. Can't decide on a favorite, i love them all! 🙂

    85. When I was a little girl Dad used to bring Mum’s freshly cooked hot chips to school for me on cool rainy days. I would sit in the car with him and eat them. Now, liberally sprinkled with salt and pepper, I fondly recall this wonderful nurturing gesture whenever I eat chips. They are a guiltless pleasure for me!

    86. C, the text you quote points to colour revolution efforts.Like most efforts coming from the NeoCons it is clumsy and betrays notorious liars playing with their lies (they think they are smart):"The Kremlin understood that censorship was simply too hard, because nobody can breathe."

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    88. I just flashed back to high school and the tribute band we put together for the annual talent show. Our music sucked, but our makeup was awesome.Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    89. Bussed-in Basiji says:November 30, 2012 at 2:29 pm“Jenabe Hajarian…is mohreye sookhte…”I would say he’s more of a mohreye shot-in-the-head rather than ‘sookhte’. No doubt one of your heroes was involved.

    90. I don’t know if anyone else mentioned this, but Cramer is going to confront that jerk Jon Stewart tonight. I’m looking forward to Cramer putting that jerk in his place. In a way, I feel he shouldn’t give any credence to this punk by appearing on his show, but this criticism of Cramer and CNBC has just simply gotten out of control. They’re trying to do the job of keeping us informed and sure, no one is perfect and we’re all going to make mistakes, but Stewart is deliberating trying to make everyone look like a fool.

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    92. It seems, somehow, aiporprpate to me––in a horrifically sad way. A perfectly good house is left to rot because it can’t feed the greed of those who took it from owners no longer able or willing to keep it, while yet others shiver in the cold of night under the shelter of a bridge. We have a system that creates homes without beings and beings without homes. There’s sadness, disdain and hate in this story long before a racist vandal goes to work.

    93. 달샤벳이라는 걸그룹이 등장하고 의아해 했었는데 이제야 사실을 알게 됐네요.어찌나 씁쓸하고 속상한지…작가님은 또 얼마나 힘드실지…힘내세요! 큰 목소리를 가지진 못했으나 작은 목소리로나마 응원하겠습니다.

    94. Spicy Bison and Sausage Meat Muffins – This recipe made little, tiny meat loaves in the shape of muffins.  Tim really liked them.  I thought they tasted good, but they hurt my stomach for some reason.  I’m not a fan of garlic powder; I prefer to use fresh garlic.  Also, a meal that makes 2.5 pounds of meat for us is a little much.  If I were to make this recipe again, I think I would cut it in half and use fresh garlic.

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    97. Hermitlion, as is often the case, satire is rendered redundant by the actual thingCheryl, the Kennedy family were dark forces. They got to power by stealing an election, practiced outrageous nepotism, had mob ties, used the IRS against conservative organizations and oh yes, the patriarch of the clan was a Nazi sympathizer. And the family has spawned a few too many murderers.They weren't a dream, they were a nightmare.

    98. On dirait que les bonzes du Front National ont appris à laisser des messages sur des forums: le site d’Eric Besson en sait quelque chose, ici cela semble être pareil. On arrête pas le progrès. Parler d’islamisme et ils arrivent comme des mouches. Vous me direz, ça, c’est pas vraiment nouveau.

    99. My opinion is that the people wishing to be Taino and learning the Taino language and trying to revive the disappeared Taino nationality, well, they should be allowed to call themselves Taino and if they persist, they would have earned their right to be called Taino.But they have no right to distort the past by talking about an unbroken chain of Taino identity down to the present, which is incorrect.

    100. that about the planetarium, I thought to myself, “Somebody’s going to call him anti-science.” I read online shortly thereafter somebody who said, “I want to see how long it takes someone to accuse McCain of being anti-science.”It’s enough to make one want to bulldoze the Adler.

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    102. I agree! Great post. I bought the sephora collection face brush and I'm sure it works the same. I use proactiv and a few burt's bees products. (I need to make a post) Everyone tells me this and that about proactiv, but it works for me and I'll stick to it! 🙂

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    107. Tänker på dig, tjejen!Ledsen att du mår så dåligt, och beundrar dig och din familj för att ni verkligen försöker ta vara på tiden ni har tillsammans.Du är en förebild för många, med ditt fantastiska sätt att förmedla det som händer dig.Stora kramar

    108. 19fThanks a bunch, Amber!I’ve picked up a couple of cookbooks and looked at the Vegan blog. It has been a great help, I have also tried your 5 min. blondie fix, and it was really good, sweet and super rich! i almost couldn’t finish it and was amazed at the complex flavors that was brought out with such a simple dish. You will definitely here more from me!

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    110. Soy de Ecuador. Viví en Venezuela en esa época de oro del Conjunto Daiquiri. Era lo mejor para bailar. Algunas veces pongo la canción “Puro deseo de Amar” para repetirla muchas veces. Es buenísima. Me trae recuerdos de los mejores. Tocaba la percusión Gustavo Calle, cuencano radicado en Caracas. Su madre, Piedad, tenía un negocio de ropa en el Paseo Las Cuadras del Paseo Las Mercedes. Que buenas esas épocas. Todo era buenísimo. Añoro esos días. Que bello país es Venezuela.

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    112. Great cover Lizzy… I love those eyes. Though it’s nothing like imagined the Grey God’s eyes to be, it’s beautiful in a haunting sense.. And i can’t wait more.. Pls do make it fast. I was hoping for a mid-June launch. Coz it’s my BDAY mid-June. Anyways, do hurry along dear… You have a lot of impatient fans to satisfy…Also do you mind not postponing Gabriel’s Hope too much later… I thought so.. THANK YOU..YOU ARE SO KIND..

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    117. Het spijt me dat ik de stemming moet bederven, maar we danken dit, o heilige onderbuik, aan onze politici. In Frankrijk wordt de privatisering van de post wat slimmer aangepakt. Aanbesteders moeten (!) postkantoren aanhouden op loopafstand, moeten (!) post binnenlands binnen 24 uur bezorgen en moeten(!) zorgen voor de mogelijkheid een rekening te openen. In Nederland moeten (!) wij van alles van koopman / dominee die nog steeds ons leven bestiert, maar er is minder en minder waar we aanspraak op kunnen maken. Sorry, ‘t is niet anders

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    123. Well Dave I’ve been a fan of yours for years ever since I saw your first Pictures of Ray Seal and Harold Drussel, (my friends and mentors). I grew up with Mik.e and Becky in the ranching community in Picabo and I love to see who else you’ve caught up with. I wish I could come up to your place and go to your clinic, but for now I’ll just have to watch for your new pics

    124. Hej :)Super lækker blog, er virkelig glad for jeg har fundet den :DMen din “læs mere” knap, virker altsÃ¥ ikke rigtigt :/ pÃ¥ nogle indlæg er det kun halvdelen af indlægget man kan læse, og billederne er væk.. Rigtig ærgeligt, for billeder er jo det meste og en rigtig skam at man ikke kan læse hele opskriften.Det kan selvfølgelig ogsÃ¥ være det kun er hos mig det er sÃ¥dan, men ville hvertfald lige fortælle det sÃ¥ du er opmærksom pÃ¥ det :)Mvh Sofie

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    132. Howdy just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.

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    139. The irony is that the GOP's dream is to gain enough control in Congress to bring whatever limited progress we've had to a screeching halt, reducing Obama to a lame duck for his last two years. The more they can stonewall, the more easily they can make the case that Obama hasn't done anything. What's another two years of letting the country sink deeper into the muck if it wins back the White House, right?

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    144. Glad I could help.? I just came up with that way of putting it a few days ago. It’s clear that the majority of the people pushing Keynesianism are not doing so because they are evil or retarded, sometimes a person just doesn’t see the people all the way at the bottom that their ideas are stepping on. People get really protective and adversarial about their ideas so I’ve been trying to find ways lately to show them their mistake in a respectful and non-accusing manner to avoid the defensiveness.

    145. Oh Linda,Thanks for showing us where they both end up (even though I don’t want to believe that is the end! )Now that the story has ended, what will I read after those long stressful meetings? The bitter peach sounds like a segue into part two. I’ll be right here waiting.Blessings and thanks again,annAnn a postat recent..

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  2. RE: “I think you meant ‘as Kurt Vonnegut was WONT to say’.” ~ Another SteveMY REPLY: Thanks, you’re correct! Sometimes I wonder what goes on in my head, but it’s probably best not to know.

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