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  4. Welcome to the blog, Sawsan. I love that you make something that would seem to be difficult to manage seem simple by describing the process clearly with observations along the way. I’m sure that your little ones appreciate the many healthy snacks and treats that you make for them.

  5. For already completed projects go through all of the paper work on these projects to see if anything is wrong, left out, never done,etc. Most often this is where fraud is detected in relation to government contracts. These are government contracts. The fraud has to be already done/commited and not in the future.Best done on a project by project basis by those living and affected by each project.

  6. Simple enough for the bigsegt beginner you’ll ever know! One chicken dish I have made once before because it was so stinkin’ easy was Chicken Adobo (it’s a traditional filipino dish) and it was just chicken, soy sauce, vinegar, lots of garlic and some other seasonings in a pot! I wish all cooking were that easy

  7. CSMX-F,I remember when I was 17 and working construction. This not so bright guy was given the job of taking down a scaffold. Instead of taking it loose from inside the house he stood on it as he removed the nails. His inability to forsee the consequences of his actions resulted in disaster. Sort of like US citizens who, goaded by the Michael Moore Hates the USA cheering section, blindly tear at our underpinnings.


  9. Le democrazie sono poche rispetto alle tirannidi, nel corso della storia, per cui è difficile che una guerra non abbia coinvolto in passato almeno una tirannide. Analogamente, gli albini sono una piccola minoranza, per cui è difficiel che un atto sessuale non coinvolga almeno un non albino: ma l’albinismo non predispone alla castità. – Andrea Di Vita

  10. / Daniel,I think we’re on the same and I appreciate that you are concerned with not creating dividing walls. Ever since I first heard this view I have been challenged by it. I’m glad it is challenging you as well and hopefully you are able to live it out. That’s the goal. I know for me, I’d like to move from theory and into practicality. Start living out the theories I believe.

  11. My question is: If I can add the "&fmt=18" code and have my videos play in higher resolution and stereo, why doesn't YouTube just automatically set my videos to that? In other words, if it can be accomplished manually why not just build it into the system for all videos? Or give a choice to the video uploader? Thanks.—Mustafa

  12. Wendy will reveal “scandals”- up to a limit.Since she wants to keep in good with her former Council colleagues for mayoral campaign support, she really has to be careful in her manipulations.Otherwise, you’d probably have another few CMs with indictments besides Alarcon.Too bad.

  13. ohmagawd!!! stella looks like a rockstar/i finally know why jac has such an amazing catwalk!! she this confident bounce/abbey looks a-ma-zing!!/so was sun fei fei/ karlie looks so sexy ;)/ but i have to say that my fave was saskia de brauw(6:00) she looks so beautiful and confident (shes 30!!) she absolutely deserves to close this show and the chanel ad campaign 😀

  14. amIm very tired of waiting for BOA to do something about my mortgage, I’ve not been mailed any offers and I’m tired of speaking to this one person whom after over a dozen phone calls keeps reciting the fact that they are a “bill Collector” and therefore is robotic and nothing is getting done! It’s frustrating and sad !!!

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  16. about the Left and the Islamists not deserving the benefits of civilization makes sense.But what the Founding Fathers said about people having freedom of speech and freedom (regardless of ideology) until convicted of an actual crime makes sense as well.How do you reconcile this contradiction?

  17. Therefore, given the numbers involved whatever signal there might be present is entirely lost in the noise of contributions from employees who are scarcely a part of any DoD ethos and who have no meaningful influence over the relevant part of its behaviour.So if the data also identified the individual persons, rank, positions, etc., would you consider it useful for judging Moldbug's claim?

  18. 11 лет работаю преподавателем экономических дисциплин. И все время не дает покоя одна фраза старика Мерфи: «ÃÂšÃ‘‚о может -делает, кто знает , но не может – преподает, кто не может и не знает – руководит!»

  19. A more moderate (and petard foisting approach) would be to apply to the Universities the same sort of policies they have long recommended:1) Price controls on tuition rates.2) Wage control on faculty salaries.3) Let’s give them a little „skin in the game“ on federal financial aid and make schools 50% responsible for the student loan debts that default. That would go along way toward stemming the minting of 80K „Communications“ degrees that get you a job working at Starbucks. Three simple steps, and the system would implode in short order.

  20. C’est completement stupide ce classement. Si on choisissait comme critère de sélection le nombre d’habitant , on aurait des JO 50% composés de chinois, 40% d’indien etc…Or avec le processus de sélection, meme si les chinois possedent les 15 meilleurs athlètes sur le 100m n’auront jamais le droit d’aligner les 15 !!!Donc on ne peut pas se baser sur le nombre d’habitant. Autre exemple, si on faisait une sélection Européenne, on aurait beaucoup moins de sélectionnés européens qu’aujourd’hui et donc probablement beaucoup moins de médailles.

  21. Bob feels non NJ states are concerned over bringing [NJ] corruption with transplants.NC is FLOODED with NJ transplants. Let me tell you what we are afraid of. Y’all lack the discipline to take even one small step to remove those resp. for corruption and high taxes. Your voting patterns at best can be described as insane.We’re afraid transplants bring it here and ruin this state.“Look, dear, taxes are less than half what we pay in NJ. We can vote on programs that double our [and everyone’s] taxes and still be less than NJ. Isn’t this a great place to ruin too.”

  22. Ui, ich hatte gerade eine Art Flashback …Ich hatte nämlich vor kurzem eine Wurzelspitzenresektion. Und bis auf die Nummer mit der Ratsche lief das ganz ähnlich, inkl. Angelhaken.Mein Highlight war das Gefühl, den vorne über dem Schneidezahn eindringen Haken innen am Gaumen zu spüren …Aber auch bei mir unter dem Strich recht … überlebbar. Allerdings habe ich dabei gefühlte 3 Liter Schweiß verloren.

  23. Madimaxi, good point(s).Remarquez que, sans le front de l’Est, le commandement Allié aurait certainement adopté une autre stratégie que celle d’un débarquement en Normandie… Mais honorer la mémoire des soldats (de tous les soldats) est une (très bonne) chose, tandis qu’arguer de cela pour donner les clefs de son pays et de sa défense à un gouvernement venu 2 ou 3 générations plus tard en est une autre !

  24. Ben oui tu peux! C’est avec des poutines que j’ai repris confiance et que je recommencer à apprécier mon corp à sa juste valeur. C’est pas toujours juste du négatif qui ressort de relations à court ou très court terme lollEt surtout, ça empêche de devenir désespérée et de sauter sur ce qui nous parait être correct au premier regard.

  25. ja godt sakt… vi kjenner heller ingen som er savnet etter drept, men vi vet om noen som gjør det, og det er fryktelig trist for dem og for generelt alle…Vi mÃ¥ holde sammen ♥ og jeg tenker hver dag pÃ¥ hvor heldig jeg/vi er som har sÃ¥ mangen fantastiske mennesker rundt oss.Klemmer fra Nina

  26. " …Not by choice, we're engaged in what's really an anti-organized crime and anti-conspiracy to commit crimes campaign against fanatics who sometimes pose a military-type threat."And this is new HOW?I submit in nothing but scale.Have to agree with Mr.DeMeur here.Harry

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  29. HermitLion, true it's just set in the Gulf War so I skipped it. If we go back to the Gulf War, the picture isn't quite as grim, but still mostly negative.Edgar, yes the Israeli film industry is pretty bad. Maybe even worse. It's not a precedent though, it's the same thing. Ditto in England. First world countries defaming the fight against terrorism.noboat1, it could be given away for free too.I would still like to see an experiment in which the producer of a major news network is offered an exclusive on a 9/11 type attack by terrorists on the condition that he doesn't inform the government.

  30. hahaha…I think it's about embracing the not-so-awkward silence, as you put it 🙂 Because people feel afraid of silence, they start talking about the silliest of things. But I still love the salon, because I LOVE watching my hair getting snipped off…highly therapeutic for me. I cut 7 inches off recently! 🙂

  31. “Es al revez, M$ al dominar el mercado decide cuales arquitecturas pueden comercializarse con exito. O decide no darles oportunidad a otras.”Teniendo en cuenta que NT se comercializó para varias plataformas en sus inicios… yo diría que no. Lo puedes ver dejando de lado a Windows si lo prefieres, y si te centras en Linux verás como x86 también es predominante.

  32. On the boat, Ma Costa approaches Lyra, who is quietly worried that Ma Costa will remember that this girl helped capture her boat on the day her son disappeared. I think the incident where Lyra helped steal the Costa's boat happened a year or two back, not on the day Billy disappeared. When Lyra was heading to the horse fair she was hoping to get another chance to steal a boat, but was distracted from her goal when she found out Billy was gone.

  33. Raider kenne ich zumindest, beim zweiten vermute ich, dass es sich um Count Duckula handelt (kenn ich nur vom Hörensagen) und die He-Man Actionfigur (oder eine ähnliche) hab ich sogar besessen. Ich glaube, damit bin ich zum Kommentieren qualifiziert. ^^

  34. per chi predilige il 2D, a Cernusco sul naviglio ci sono due proiezioni sabato 2 e domenica3 ore 21.15 nella sala della comunita`. Ok, sarete attorniati da nugoli di bambini vocianti e vomitanti popcorn, ma se proprio non reggete il 3D…

  35. i think our team’s prestige and title contender status should make LA an appealing destination for ring-chasers. that pool is a bit bigger this year due to the amnesty clause owners will invoke.man, here in vegas basic cable includes prime ticket/fox sports. with the time warner deal, i may have to buy league pass. any nevadans know what the deal is?

  36. Anonyymin kanssa samaa mieltä. Jäin miettimään, että kuinka sana hapukoor taipuu. Hapukoorta kuulosti samalta kun kaalta, joka on minun mielestäni väärin.Mutta hyvää se on, mm. sitä jäin Virosta kaipaamaan.lappilainen

  37. 8 octobre 2008 ha c’est bete ‘_’ moi sa m’aurais plu de te voir! je te connaissais via le love blog! ça aurait été marrant…enfin pour moi ! Mais ce genre de festival c’est toujours quand on a pas les vacances -_- alors pour ceux qui n’habitent pas à paris…t_t

  38. pisze:Po zalaniu termoklejem wtyczka też siÄ™ staje praktycznie jednorazowa 🙂 Ale za to mamy gwarancjÄ™, że nie dojdzie w Å›rodku do żadnego zwarcia :)Ja sam zalewaÅ‚em tylko wtyczki, które byÅ‚y wpinane w jakieÅ› sprzÄ™ty wiÄ™kszej mocy. BraÅ‚em wtedy dobrej jakoÅ›ci przewód (w grubej izolacji, co by go za Å‚atwo nie uszkodzić), dobre wtyczki, wszystko lutowaÅ‚em, zalewaÅ‚em i sÅ‚użyÅ‚o caÅ‚ymi latami 🙂

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  40. Yup, it happens. At the moment it’s happening a lot too. I find a big leather cowboy hat is effective at keeping head and neck dry, but hiding under a tree is sometimes the only solution. Thunderstorms tend to build up slowly and give lots of warning to get out from under trees.

  41. Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your post seem to be running off the screen in Internet explorer. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know. The design and style look great though! Hope you get the problem fixed soon. Cheers

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  43. These look so tasty. I've heard courgette flowers are good stuffed and battered as you have done, but although I keep meaning to I've still not tried them. That's a good tip about removing the stamens, I've not heard that before. I like the sound of battered sage leaves too. Italians really do have the best cuisine!

  44. Lynn, thank you for all of your great comments as I have traveled through Italy. As in our previuos conversations, I am in accordance with your feelings. I am not in love with Rome – it is the simplicity of the Tuscan people and the rolling hills of farmland that draw me. Venice is a treasure. I hope you get to return soon.

  45. Jeg har opplevd at teksting kan komme litt i usynk pÃ¥ opptak fra C More, men ikke andre kanaler.NÃ¥r det gjelder spoling, sÃ¥ er det en bug som bør fikses. Det fungerer ikke optimalt i det hele tatt.Jeg hadde ogsÃ¥ en Grundig PVR som tok kvelden i august. Fikk alle pengene tilbake, selv om det var fire Ã¥r siden jeg kjøpte den boksen, og det finansierte Strong-boksen 🙂

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  47. I’m always inspired by the patterned paper. I get excited by new patterns, but sometimes I see an old pattern next to a cardstock and the lightbulb goes off! Embellishments follow, even if I don’t have the right colour, I paint, ink, stain it until it does.

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  51. Y'a pas de fumée sans feu – Si la Nasa était nette, elle aurait pas attendu que tout le monde s'intéresse au sujet pour balancer de l'info sur le sujet.. C'est assez facile de s'appuyer sur la désinformation volontaire ou saugrenue autour du sujet comme contre-argument. Une question : et même si c'était le cas ici, est-ce aussi un "avion" le symbolisme redondant de ces civilisations autour de la trinité, ou de la dualité ? Pourquoi notre système solaire ferait exception à la règle qui semble régner ailleurs dans notre galaxie ?

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  54. Aaron, I’ll be working for myself as an independent contractor. I’ve set up an LLC and will be working with a couple other fellows who did similarly. They have the gigs, but I get to pick and choose when and if I have a class.

  55. Herbert, not even money can buy you a CCW in Kommiefornia. It takes fame, either through entertainment or politics. I’d be willing to bet all those anti-gun folks who are trying to take away our right certainly have themselves covered. Isn’t that the way it is with money, privileges, laws and everything else?

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  60. thank you for taking me to the ocean, the waves, and the motel by the dock where we watched the night lamps flicker on at sundown – reminding us of those whose homes have no bounds – and how, just once, we’d like to live with them.

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  65. it all. Meandering Monday, on the other hand, was what I called the day last week when we went shopping, before the crowds came on Black Friday. And xx’s and oo’s are xxxkisses and ooohugs.You are a REAL elf!! What a thrill you are giving those children! Happy wonderful Day to you Karen. Thank you! xoxo

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  67. Not all was quaint, CQ. We stopped at Holcomb Kansas to pay respects to the memory of the Clutter Family. Couldn’t locate the house but the family is buried in Garden City. We also were struck by the real poverty in a number of the small towns in eastern Colorado. I’ll comment on that at the end of this series. Since Hizzoner was an Indian in is former life (He came to that conclusion after reading Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee), we had nothing to worry about.

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  69. Hi Jessica. I just had kind of a wonderful "déjà vu"-experience here… ☺☺☺ Can't tell you enough how glad – and proud! – it makes me that you mention my projects. Thanks a million! P.S. The owl bookmarks are downloaded more than 2000 times (!!!) in the last 5 days… HOOO-RAY!

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  71. Agreed, Diana.Collaboration is important, and as you mentioned this must be tempered with orchestration. The leader is just that, the leader. But no team has a single person, or for that matter a single mind. The servant leader is responsible for the best outcome of the project, and the best service to everyone involved. This can usually be accomplished by incorporating the best ideas that everyone can bring to the table.Yes, #10 is probably the best place to put it on this list; or a #13.Thanks for taking the time to comment and adding to the conversation.Martina

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  78. Ooooh, I love what you've done to that dress, especially the flowery shoulder straps. You did well too at your jumble on Saturday – I absolutely love the thrill of the jumble chase!!

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  81. Great points – thanks for sharing. Regarding the validation (when you disagree with your opponent) – please note the validation should not be expressed in a condescending tone… it’s worse than plain disagreement

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  85. Thanks again for your comments, Dr. Cheung. Perhaps what we need is much more education of the public – not just in medical journals – and then let patients vote with their feet.

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  142. Oh my god! Talk about complete and utter delusion!!It doesn't matter if you're poor/rich, come from a good/bad family, fraud and identity theft is still a crime! I really can't believe that email…good on you for publishing it, and showing up how absolutely ridiculous they are!

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  160. Keep up the good work, Meryl. Maybe you ought to post some of theie anti-Zionist rants from time to time, just to keep us entertained.Keep on teaching the kids as well. I can’t say it strongly enough that THAT is the most important job that you have.

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  165. Gift-giving is fine but I enjoyed reading your commentary. Perhaps if more American Jews understood the courage and sacrifice of the Macabees, they would change their priorities instead of voting for an anti-semite and egomaniac like Obama or egomaniac like Bloomberg. Happy Chanukah and thanks for the message.

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